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Queen Bee, tour operator extra-ordinaire and stickler for perfection, Liesl is a legend amongst our big family of past clients and friends of SD. She is a hard act to follow, but you can follow her on Instagram. No stone is left un-turned and no ‘t’ uncrossed when Liesl is in charge of the most complex tour arrangements. Liesl is an accomplished multi-tasker and juggles management of the tours division and operations by building strong relationships with agents and suppliers. Amazingly, she is often off researching new remote African destinations, her bright red hair glowing in the African sunset… or she’s decorating her home with her husband and two children.

Liesl Matthews

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Northern Serengeti

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A (Zen)zibar Miracle

As a parent whose job is to intimately know Africa like the back of my hand, I travel throughout the continent, exploring each of our …/